Facility Overview

  • Dedicated space for experiments with people and technology
  • Large experiment room 16 × 7.5 × 4.5m high (120m² floor area)
  • Controlled acoustics, climate and lighting
  • Isolated experiment control room for:
    • Experiment data acquisition configuration and control
    • Audio, visual and telemetry monitoring during experiments
  • Separate pre- and post-experiment interview room
  • Separate foyer and waiting room
  • All rooms acoustically isolated
  • Wheelchair accessible

A rectangle indicating the dimensions of the space

Experiment Space

  • Purpose-designed to be adaptable to many types of experiments
  • Unobtrusively instrumented:
    • False wall design obscures and deemphasises sensor locations
  • Highly instrumented, with a large number of discrete sensors:
    • Pervasive visual and infra-red spectrum imaging
    • Pervasive depth ranging
    • Pervasive audio pick-up
  • Scriptable, computerised environmental controls:
    • Room lighting
    • Eight-channel audio
    • Scent generator
  • Fully functional, accessible kitchen

A wireframe of a rectangular prism

Data Outputs

  • “Out of the box” data generation for experiments
  • Real-time ground truth estimates for:
    • Humans / Robots / Objects
  • Physical attributes (planned):
    • Identity / Pose (global, skeletal) / Gestures (facial, hand)
  • Human attributes (planned):
    • Physiological (heart rate, etc.)
    • Psychological (affect, intent)
  • ROS and other interfaces for in-trial data exchange
  • Estimates cross-referenced to physiological measurements from wearable sensors

A representation of skeleton pose data