National Facility
for Human-Robot
Interaction Research

The Facility

The Facility is purpose-designed to host a wide variety of experiments investigating how people interact with technological devices, including robots. State-of-the-art sensors are concealed in the experiment space allowing unobtrusive measurement of human physical attributes such as location and limb position. Internal states such as affect and intent can then be inferred from the physical measurements. The streams of time-stamped data can then selectively be logged to computer disk and/or used in real time to control technological devices in the experiment space.

The Facility is available for academic or commercial collaborative or contract research and for social purposes. There is no comparable facility for HRI research worldwide.

The Facility was funded by an ARC LEIF Grant and contributions from the project partner organisations.

Contact us to discuss collaborative or contract research, commercial, or social possibilities.


Project Partners

The University of New South Wales The University of Sydney Universty of Technology Sydney St Vincent's Hospital